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physics_flyboys's Journal

Physics and Flyboys - A McKay & Sheppard Community
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This community is for two of the leads on the SciFi Channel Original Series, Stargate: Atlantis. Dr. Rodney McKay is a brilliant astrophysicist that is the leading expert on wormhole physics as well as a myriad of other sciences too numerous to name, yet too important to ignore. Beneath his arrogant and rude facade, he is a caring man that is heroic when he needs to be. Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard is an Air Force pilot that finds himself on the Atlantis expedition because of possessing a rare gene that allows him to operate the technology the Ancients built. Rebellious and impulsive, he rises to the challenge of becoming a leader of the expedition in the midst of crisis and proves himself to be a hidden genius several times along the way. Together, Sheppard and McKay save the day countless times from everything the Pegasus Galaxy throws their way. This community is devoted to their friendship, banter, and countless other things these men share while overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles.

The Rules
1. All posts must have something to do with McKay or Sheppard. Things involving both are preferred, though things featuring one or the other are accepted as well.
2. Fanfiction, icons, wallpapers, pictures, music videos, news, and any other cool McKay and Sheppard things you can think of are welcome to be shared here.
3. Please no slash - there are several other communities already out there for this. We're hoping for general and buddy stuff here. :)
4. Watch your language - think "would McKay or Sheppard use this word?" and you'll be fine.
5. Debates are welcome and encouraged, but please maintain a respect for those with dissenting opinions - no "flaming".
6. Please be considerate of those that have not had the pleasure of seeing the second season and place all spoilers behind a cut and label them as such.
7. And finally - have fun, make new friends, and try to stay positive. ;)