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stargate atlantis action figure adventure #1 part 1

  Hey, hi everyone! This is my first action figure romp starring Sheppard and McKay. A special thanks to wraithfodder for my inspiration. (I blame you for this wacky addiction !) Hope you like it::)

STARGATE ATLANTIS: episode7001   


 JS:  “O.K. McKay, watch your self! I sure hope your right about that energy sig being a ZPM.  I’m picking up random life signs….STAY SHARP!”

 RM:  (chewing the last of his lunch)…”Mmmph…Ghyeah,  ok, the energy reading it ahead to the  right about 3 kilometers or so…Say, Sheppard, what do you mean by ‘random ‘ lifesigns’?


JS: “Ya know, like they are moving around a lot. It is hard to pinpoint them. They are probably trying to get a fix on that NASTY cheese you ate for lunch. I can still smell it, geesh!”

RM: “Hey now,’ run of the mill turkey sandwich boy’! I have an appreciation for aged cheeses. They can really make a great sandwich. What’s it to you anyway?!”

JS: Oh, I dunno, maybe wandering around an alien filled wilderness smelling like rank SNACKFOOD might be a BAD Idea?!”

RM: “Oh yeah, like we are on a rat infested planet or something! Maybe we could trade cheese for a ZED PM.  Give me a break…”


JS: HMMM…well if they are rats, they are A LOT bigger than us!

RM: “OH MY….gulp* Are those BONES??? As in a Skull?!!”

JS:  “Yeah and it looks like the are teeth marks on it too.”

RM:  “OH SHUT UP! That’s not FAIR! ….you’re kidding, right?”

JS:   “Um, NO, actually. Keep moving, it looks like there is a stream up ahead.”

RM:  “Do you still have your Powerbar?”

JS:  “ McKay! Three sandwiches aren’t enough? Focus !”

RM:  “ OK, sorry, it is a bloodsugar thing…”

JS:  “ We can follow the stream toward that energy signature. But McKay, …..”

RM: “ Yeah…?”


JS: “Umm, stay out of the water. There are ‘things’ moving in there.”


RM:  “ Things?! What THINGS?! Like living THINGS?! How ‘bout being more specific!”

JS: “Yeah, can’t make ‘em out, but be careful. Hey McKay, What is that over there?”



RM: Wow, very interesting, but…not what we are after. It has the ancient energy sig, but….”

JS: “But what? “

RM:  “ I think you activated it…there is a really weak energy field around it. Interesting. It looks like, wait a moment, yes! It is ancient directional triangulation display...”

JS: “In English please…”

RM:  “It is a ‘you are here sign’. Simple enough for ya?”

JS:  “ Great, does it read your fortune too? Or maybe your horoscope?

I‘m a Capricorn.”

RM: “No, really Sheppard, check it out. See the two yellow suns and the big blue one? That is the solar system where this planet is. Cool….but it doesn’t help us.”

JS: “Great, Can we keep moving? Follow me…”

RM:  “Sheppard, That’s a swamp…a BIG swamp with life signs…are you sure we…?”

JS:   “Not unless you want to walk 15 miles around it to get to the energy reading. Let’s go. Just stay behind me…”

RM:  “OK, OK… but…WHAT WAS THAT??!! Did you HEAR that??”

JS:  “Hear WHAT? Don’t freak out on me MCKAY!! Look, just stay put.

         I will scout out ahead. No worries, O.K.?”

RM: “OK, I’ll wait here….”



RM: “Wait! What am I saying! NO! This is not OK! Sheppard!

           Don’t leave me here! OH GOD! WHAT IS THAT?!?!?!”

RM: “Oh NO! Sheppard’s right! The cheese! It smells the cheese!



RM: “Sheppard! HELLPP!”

 RM:  “Oh no, Sheppard said to stay out of the water because of those    ‘things’…”

RM:  “Does he mean these things…they look like eggs of some sort…EGGS! I AM SO SCREWED! WHAT”S THAT??? AHHGHH” (…gurgle*  gurgle*….splash!) 


“I’m drowning! Help!”


SLERP! (Big sucking sound here*)


RM:  (thinking) “I can’t breathe! OH GOD! NIGHTMARE!! It’s the great white whale! It’s eating those egg things; I have to get out of here! Gotta breathe!” (Gasp!*)




(meanwhile, back on the trail….)

JS:  “McKay! Where are YOU!?! Come in Rodney! Aw crap! He just had to panic! RODNEY! Where the hell are you? McKay!!?”

to be continued....

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