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'Reprogrammed' by fathomlessspite

A/N: So it's been forever since I posted 'The Program' and I've still yet to finish the sequel, and probably wont for a while, as I've made other commitments in terms of writing, and have work and uni as well.  But I thought I would start posting it anyway.

Title: The Program
Rating: All
Character: McKay, Sheppard
Category: General, Action Adventure maybe? Intrigue? Mystery? Oh no, suspense, that fits!
Summary: Meet Doctor Rodney McKay M.D. & Detective John Sheppard. Sheppard ends up in hospital from a gunshot wound on a failed raid with colleagues Lorne&Dex & finds himself under Dr. McKay's care. Both are experiencing strange flashbacks & memories. Not AU

And now for the sequel....

Title: Reprogrammed
Rating: All
Character: McKay, Sheppard
Category: General, Angst, Friendship
Summary: Having returned from Lorania and released from Duyell's machine, Sheppard and McKay should be recovering nicely, shouldn't they?  Apparently not, and the promised help to correct the reprogramming the machine did is no where to be seen.  How will Rodney and John deal with the basic changes in their personalities? Will the effects of the change be more harmful than they initially suspected?

Part 1 )
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